Italian cooking classes

Join us at “Il Mondo” for a one-week beginners’ course in Italian!

We will equip you with “survival” Italian to help you communicate in the everyday situations that you will encounter during your holiday in Italy.

  • Understanding a menu and ordering food
  • Buying souvenirs
  • Making enquires at your hotel and much more!

To tickle your taste buds even more, immerse yourself in the true Italian passion: food!

Learn how to make your favourite Italian dishes on our special cooking course.

On the menu:

  • Fresh pasta and homemade focaccia bread
  • Pesto and other sauces
  • Sweet pastries

Our highly-skilled teacher will guide you step-by-step as you make an authentic Italian meal, which you will then share together and wash down with…of course, wonderful Italian wine and conversation!

This course is designed for people who are staying a short time in Genoa and want to make the most of their Italian experience!

The classes will be conducted in Italian but the chef can speak English, if needed.

The minimum number of participants required to take part in the cooking course is 4.

Courses can still be given for a smaller number of participants (1-3); of course the price will be different.

Please enquire for up-to-date availability during the summer.

ITALIAN WITH COOKING (not only on holiday!)

If you attend an Italian course (any level) and you want to have a go at Italian cuisine, why not choose our Italian cooking course available all year round?

The menu includes fresh pasta, homemade focaccia bread, pesto and other sauces, sweet pastries.

If you have any particular need, we can arrange an alternative menu.

Please enquire for up-to-date prices and availability for the period of your stay.

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Do you want to improve your Italian and enjoy yourself at the same time?

Our cooking Italian course is the perfect choice for you!
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