Our teaching method

The courses of Italian for foreigners take place at IL MONDO in small groups with never more than eight students to a group. The courses are divided into six levels; a student’s level is established by an entry test and an informal interview.

All courses of Italian language,  held at our school in Genoa , aim to improve the full range of language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

The teaching method, also called teaching style, adopted in our school IL MONDO in Genoa,  is communicative, designed to encourage students to communicate in Italian from the moment they begin the course. The presentation of important grammar rules proceeds at the speed appropriate for the class, rather than at a fixed pace.

Each new grammar rule is integrated into everyday situations, for practice and consolidation.

The lessons are conducted entirely in Italian, to speed up the learning process.

Our headquarters

In the beautiful city of Genoa

Piazza della Vittoria – 16121 Genoa (GE)

Ph.: +39 349 3529057

Mail: info@ilmondoweb.it