Learn the language by having fun!

Outside the lessons of Italian language“Il Mondo” can offer a rich programme of extra-curricular activities starting from welcome “aperitivo” to  visits to museums, historical sites and  theatres. Students can attend conferences on a variety of subjects ( Italian literature, art history, music, cinema, cuisine, etc.).

The school organizes Sunday outings and evenings together downtown and on the Ligurian Riviera.

“Il Mondo” can also issue tourist cards and open-topped bus guided tours that the students can book at the front desk.

Imagine an azure sky, dramatic cliffs tumbling into turquoise waters, and students from four corners of the world chatting in their newly learned Italian!

Rather than guided tours, our excursions are organized as social occasion to meet teachers and fellow students: enjoy our company!

Please note: Extracurricular activities cannot be guaranteed due to the covid situation.