Genoa is a wonderful city to visit all year round.

Sitting between the sea and the protective mountains the climate of Genoa is temperate.
In summer the temperature is much cooler than in other regions of the North of Italy whilst in winter fog and snow rarely plague the city, which are hazards in the neighbouring regions of Lombardia and Piemonte.

Moreover Genoa is rich in cultural interest hosting opera, theatre, concerts and art of international repute. Consequently Genoa was the European cultural capital of 2004.
The charming historical centre is the biggest medieval quarter of any city in Europe and wherever you turn there is something to surprise and interest the visitor whether it be a palace, a pub or a “pasticceria”!

The old port is a fascinating mixture of recreational opportunities boasting its famous aquarium, the biggest in Europe, alongside the renovated warehouses with their offices, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping galleries. Indeed the old port is the gateway to many other places of interest as ferries can be caught to Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Tunisia and Barcelona.


The Cooking in Genoa

The cuisine of Genoa is unique because the city lies between the mountains and the sea.
The basic dish of all restaurants here is fish, like “buridda” with pulses and vegetables; meat and vegetables like “cima”; pesto, which originated in this region or “torta Pasqualina”, a savoury tart.
There are a number of restaurants to be found along the beaches and on the cliffs overlooking the sea where you can enjoy a meal in an intimate atmosphere.


The appeal of Genoa not only lies in its historical, cultural and leisure interests but in its location within the Ligurian region.

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is perfect for a relaxing holiday.
To the east, you can easily reach the charming village of Camogli: a typical village of the Italian Riviera with its stunning medieval church, old houses vibrantly painted in terracotta pinks and reds and little beaches brightly decorated with coloured fishing boats.

Continuing along the coast, you will come across Santa Margherita and the famous Italian jet set town of Portofino. From here you can appreciate the scenic views by boat whilst travelling to other splendid villages nestled along the coastline.